Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Ugly Duckling intro


Throughout society it is often found that many people are afraid to express themselves do to the fear of
 In Zach’s case he has found himself living in a bubble for most of his life. 

With his donut circumference glasses and cinnamon brown curly hair he's stands out amongst any crowd; however in a bad way. 

His clean-shaven face gives him the young innocent look bringing out the dived in his butt chin. 

His style comes across two words of Harry Potter and Steve Urckle.
Through the intense judgmental hallways of high school Zach finds his ways of success through academic superiority of his peers.

For Zach these is where the sense of inferiority begins. 

The deferring of his determination to over come obstacles are do to the lack of self confidence needed to succeed, many people cant do so with out being socially involved with his peers. 
Zach is the successful honor student who everyone wants to sit next to in Algebra but no one wants to during lunch or on the bus ride to and from school. 

The only friends he ever had were just like him, keeping his knowledge of social engagements to a minimum.

 He was the type of success that doesn’t make it pro in sports but the one that graduates college by the age of 20.

His interest were learning new ways to hack your  iPod and create proxy’s for the schools computer systems. 

He also had a thing for Molly Parker who was one of the more popular girls in school. 

She was the every ones dreamgirl and had the power to get what she wanted. 

She was into dating older men and college guys who rolled up on motorcycles with attitude. 

She was dangerous and for once in his life, so was Zach. 


It was senior ear and the prom was coming up so he decided to try his luck and ask Molly to the school dance.  

After being rejected he walked into the bathroom embarrassed to show his face around school. 

When the school Janitor seen his pitiful attempt he gave him some words of wisdom.  

"Nice guys finish last kid, take it from me. i used to be just like you, and look at me know, cleaning seats and scraping gum off every desk. You've gotta raise hell to let em know you mean business". 

He knew that being himself would never work in trying to get the best girl in school.

  He had begun a transformation for inevitable destruction, skipping class and dressing like a gothic freak of nature.
This only tainted his "loser reputation even more and took away the little friends he did have. 

After losing his scholarship to to his top two college choices he began to break down.

tying to gain acceptance from the wrong crowd ultimately loss his acceptance into college and the trust of true friends. 

Realizing that being himself was the best answer after all be began to tell himself if he was a computer geek, he was going to be the best one the world has seen. 

Acceptance is a major theme in this story.  The level of self-acceptance a person has reflects their beliefs and life goals. 
Frequently different people discover the hardships of growing up and maturing. 

For some, that growing up can be painful and awkward; however, the main goal is to prosper and grow into their personalities thus, learning to love themselves.

 If mark had accepted himself the way he was, despite what his peers have said, would he have been happy? 

The main question when looking at theses situations are is true that inner beauty will overshadow physical?